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My Projects

Guard Dog Illusion - Downloads

These guard dogs are perfect for keeping those robbers away! They're an example of a 'hollow face illusion'. If you close one eye and move around them... the face appears to follow you! 👀 Download a copy of the design below...

Solve the secret message!

In the video below, I find a secret message inside the treasure chest! Download this secret message (using the link below) and solve it for your chance to win an awesome prize... Watch my video for a hint on how to solve it!

Make your own Thaumatrope - Downloads

This is an optical illusion toy called a thaumatrope. It has a different picture on each side and, when spun around quickly, allows us to see both of those images simultaneously!

Newton's Disc Spinning Top - Downloads

When spun really fast (and in bright light) this rainbow-coloured spinning top appears to turn white! 😲🤯Print out these coloured patterns and then try making these spinning tops at home!

A Painting of Bowser that Watches You - Downloads

Turn your house into Bowser's Castle, and get ready to scare your friends, with this painting that watches you wherever you go! All the print-outs and colour palettes needed to make your own painting can be downloaded for free below :)

Hydraulic Powered C-3PO - Downloads

This is one of the biggest projects I've done on my channel! I've designed a moving C-3PO that's made from cardboard, paper, pop sticks, skewers and four home-made hydraulic systems. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions, and download the following templates to get started!

Ames Window - Downloads

This weirdly shaped window plays a trick on your eyes as it spins around. It seems to spin in one direction, stop, and then star spinning in the other direction... But if we watch it from above, we can see that it's spinning in just the one direction! What?! This is a really cool optical illusion that you can make at home! Make sure you download the template for the window (click the link below) and follow the steps in the video :)

Marble Run - Downloads

Start saving your toilet rolls to make your very own marble run! This is a heap of fun and will be sure to keep the kids entertained for hours 😊 Below is a document with step-by-step instructions for making all the different track pieces. Print this out and follow along with the video to make a set yourself!

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